A young woman with a bandage on her nose after rhinoplasty.


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What is a rhinoplasty (aka “nose job”)? 

A rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure done to change the appearance of the nose or to gain access to the different cartilages of the nose to perform a functional airway surgery.  Therefore, a rhinoplasty can be done for both cosmetic reasons as well as functional reasons.

Insurance usually covers functional rhinoplasty.  

What kind of cosmetic changes can be made to the nose? 

The types of cosmetic changes that can be made to the nose are dependent on the patient’s nasal structure, facial features, skin type, and overall goals of the surgery.  Typically, at the pre-operative consultation, standard photographs are taken of the patient and then these images can be morphed or changed by specialized imaging software.  This can give the patient an idea of the changes that can be made!

What is the downtime for this procedure? 

The typical recovery time after nasal surgery is about one week.  It is important to avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for that week. In addition, it is advisable to take time off from school or work as there is a certain level of pain and bruising associated with the procedure.

What kind of pain can I expect after surgery? 

You can expect some nasal soreness for the first day or two after surgery. The pain subsides fairly quickly for most and is typically gone by one week.   Occasionally, some small splints are used in the nose that can cause some mild congestion, but pain isn’t anticipated as a result of the congestion.

I have trouble breathing through my nose. Can that be fixed at the same time as my cosmetic surgery?

Typically, any functional nasal airway surgery that is necessary can be done at the same time as cosmetic surgery.  This does not typically change the cost of cosmetic surgery. If you are having cosmetic nasal surgery and you also want to improve your nasal breathing, it is a good idea to address both concerns at the same time.  Our nasal surgery experts can walk you through the process.