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What is a face lift? 


A face lift, or rhytidectomy, is used to help tighten some of the saggy skin of the face.  As we age, gravity and the loss of tissue support results in our midface fat descending and resulting in jowls.  The face lift attempts to reposition this fat into a more superior position.  In addition, the face lift also addresses the neck and can reduce neck webbing.


How do I know if I would benefit from a facelift? 


In reality, anyone after the age of 40 could benefit from a face lift, however most individuals don’t start looking at facelifts until their late 40s to early 50s.  Early in the facial aging process, more non-invasive methods can help achieve some of the results of a facelift such as a cleaner jawline.  However, with more sagging and the looser the supporting tissues of the face become, sometimes a facelift will achieve more lasting results than some of the more non-invasive methods and usually in a more cost-effective manner.   Almost all individuals will look more youthful for their age indefinitely after a facelift.



How much pain will I experience after a facelift? 


Patients do really well from a pain standpoint.  Most patients will only require a day or two of strong pain medications.  They may feel some face and neck tightness which usually only causes mild discomfort.   This tightness can last for several weeks.



What is the downtime after a face lift?

Most patients will have some bruising of the face and neck for at least a week.  During this week, your surgeon will not want you to do any strenuous activity or exercise.  You will also be asked to wear a face lift headband continuously for the first week.



How much does a facelift cost? 


This also depends on the individual.  When we say “facelift” what we really mean is face lift, neck lift, or face and neck lift.  The type of lift and degree of lift is unique to each individual and thus the price can vary.  Also, we sometimes also recommend a resurfacing procedure at the same time such as a chemical peel or laser as this help with age-related skin changes such as fine wrinkles and brown spots.