Chin Augmentation



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What are some ways to augment the chin?

The most common method to augment the chin is the use of a silicone implant. Sometimes filler can also be used to create a subtle change.

When is chin augmentation useful?

This is purely personal preference, but people often choose a chin implant to help create a stronger jaw line or to provide more definition to the chin. Sometimes a weak chin (on profile view) can lead to an imbalanced appearance to the nose; a chin implant can thus be used to improve a rhinoplasty result. A chin implant can also be useful to help improve a face/neck lift result.

Are there any risks with a chin implant?

Just with all implants, the biggest risk is infection. Your surgeon will usually put you on an antibiotic for about a week after your surgery.

Can this be done in the office?

This could be done in the office under local anesthesia or with some light sedation. However due to the type of dissection needed, most patients would prefer to do this in the operating room.