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What is a brow lift ?

As we age, our eyebrows can start to sag which can cause our eyes to feel heavy.   This also closes off our eyes or makes our eyes more narrow, which can give us a tired look.   Finally, the descent of our eyebrows in addition to excess skin of the upper eyelid, can obstruct vision especially when looking upwards.  A brow lift helps restore the normal position of the eyebrow, which typically leads to a more refreshed look.



What are the different types of brow lift? 

The most common types of brow lift include the endoscopic brow lift, the pretrichial (in the hairline) brow lift and the direct brow lift.  The endoscopic brow lift is a more minimally invasive technique as it utilizes 5 small incisions versus one large incision.   The direct brow lift is an option for those with brow asymmetry or for those that have very deep forehead wrinkles.  The best way to learn about the options is to meet with one of our practitioners!



What is a chemical brow lift? 

A chemical brow lift is the use of Botox to achieve a small amount of brow lift.  This amount of lift is fairly minimal but is a good option for those that want a subtle change.



What should I expect with a brow lift?   

You can expect some mild to moderate pain at the incision site for a day or two with the pain quickly subsiding.  You may also have some bruising.  Most people tolerate the brow lift fairly well with minimal downtime.  You will need to refrain from any heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for at least a week.